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Brands that make a difference

Branding is a hot topic. It is well acknowledged that brand is the most valuable asset of a firm. It helps to differentiate itself from competitors, to create unique value and to construct meaningful relationships with stakeholders, upon which the success of the company is dependent: customers, talents, investors, influencers and the general public.

All too often, however, brand is regarded merely as a promotional tool, thinking that the brand is complete when it its core meaning is crystallized and visualized in brand identity guidelines and as compliant communication tools have been taken into use. It is not.

That is when all fun begins.

Let us help

In the global market economy, winners manage to establish a meaningful difference to their competitors. Longing for meaningfuness has come to stay, and images matter when making decisions.

Brand is an effective tool for meaning construction and image creation. For business managers it provides a strategic tool for constructing and maintaining a unique and sustainable competitive position in the continuously changing operating environment.

Brand construction is a strategic process, which integrates the goals, points of differentiation and the customer promise of an organization as an integral part of business processes, development programs and the everyday operations of every employee.


SIGNIFIED is a consulting and training company specialized in strategic brand management. We help leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals to utilize brand as a tool in constructing a meaningful strategy, sustainable competitive position and a success story rich in content.

We support our customers in chrystallising and implementing brand strategies, coach in developing their operations and assist in the interaction with stakeholders. We accelerate change where there is a need for making objectives, values and everyday operations to coincide.

Reliably, efficiently and with a humane approach.


”Riitta familiarized herself promptly, precisely and profoundly in the strategy work of Mylly Shopping Center, challenged us to look at it from a novel perspective, and brought significant insights into the framing of our mission and vision.

I warmly recommend Riitta’s professional skills and willingness to deeply understand the needs of the customer. I believe that it is a major advantage in many customer cases.

Thank you, Riitta, for our cooperation!”

Mari Hantula, CEO, Mylly Shopping Centre

Our services

  • Corporate branding
  • Place branding
  • Personal branding
  • Meaning management

  • Strategy implementation
  • Development programs and concepts
  • Change management
  • Situational analysis

  • Development of operations
  • Employer branding
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Communications & marketing

Riitta Birkstedt

  • Entrepreneur, Strategist & Trainer
  • D.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), international business / brand management
  • Founder & CEO of SIGNIFIED Ltd
  • 20+ years experience in the fields of brand construction, strategizing, goal oriented development, change management, communications and stakeholder relations
  • Previously worked e.g. as Program Director of city center development / City of Turku; eMBA Program Director / University of Turku; Communications Manager / Turku School of Economics; Global Marketing Manager / Salcomp; and Sales and Customer Relationship Manager / Teleste


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